I was raised in the small logging community of Kerby, in SW Oregon and worked summers, for five years after high school in the logging industry cutting trees, while studying architecture and photography in college. My father built the house I was raised in and I built the house in NW Portland where I have lived with my wife since 1985. Wood and woodworking have always been part of my life and in 2011, I discovered woodturning.

From 1974 to 2000, I worked as a commercial photographer for many local and national clients. In May of 2011 I decided to try woodturning. I had long been fascinated with it but I felt I did not have adequate time to satisfy my curiosity. How accurate I was! There has been no turning back. It has been, and continues to be, a very rewarding experience.

The majority of my wood comes from trees that have fallen or would have been removed for other purposes. Form then becomes the most important and rewarding element of my work. It is the first thing people see, drawing interest to the other elements. After the form is complete, I may use carving, pyrography and/or painting to add additional shape and interest to my work. When a piece is complete, all elements must support each other for the piece to be successful.

Inspiration for my work comes from many origins. I have long been associated with many ceramic artists in addition to, more recently, other wood artists from around the world whose work I admire. However my most inspirational resource is the world and nature around me.