Wood has always been part of my life. I was raised in a logging community in southwest Oregon, learning about wood and the forest around me as I grew up. In the early ’80s I milled timbers for the construction of our home from trees that grew on our homesite northwest of Portland, Oregon.

After observing woodturning a few times over several years, in 2011 I was ready to delve into a newfound venture. I was hooked from the first moment and woodturning, instantly became an obsession.

From the beginning, I focused on making simple, elegant forms, as they provided the greatest visual fulfilment. My association with artists, first for 25 years as a commercial photographer, and since 2000, as a craftsman, instilled an ardent respect for form and craftsmanship. And quality and attention to detail, earn long-lived appreciation.

Throughout 2016, as my interest in embellishment expanded, the ability to express my personal interests began to flourish. My work evolved into an expression of my life experiences. One of my greatest personal interests and sources of inspiration is our natural environment. The Pacific Northwest provides a diverse landscape including beaches, mountains and high deserts. A float trip through the Grand Canyon in December 2016, provided a never-ending source of inspiration and concepts that I continue to pursue.Inspiration for my work comes from many origins. I have long been associated with many ceramic artists in addition to, more recently, other wood artists from around the world whose work I admire. However my most inspirational resource is the world and nature around me.

“Walking the edge, moving outside my comfort zone and pushing my limits to reach new levels of proficiency, has brought unexpected and gratifying results. Hence, a completely new vocabulary, sometimes quite abstract, has evolved.”

Juried Shows and Invitationals:

  • Messler Gallery, Rockport, ME – Int. Invitational “Boxes to Die For”, Jan-Apr 2019

  • Portland Audubon Society, Wild Arts Festival, Portland, OR, 2012-18

  • Art in the Pearl, Portland, OR, 2017-18

  • AAW Member Exhibition Invitational “Dia-Log”, 2018

  • AAW P.O.P. “Out of the Woods: Traditional Form Revisited”, 2018

  • Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, Art Show Invitational, 2017-18

  • AAW International Symposium “Merging”, 2015

  • Bellevue Art Museum “Knock on Wood”, 2015

  • Museum of Contemporary Crafts, Portland, OR Holiday Show, 2013-15


  • AAW International Symposium: Award of Excellence, 2018

  • AAW International Symposium: Critics Selection for Exemplary Work, 2018

  • AAW International Symposium: Critics Selection for Exemplary Work, 2017

  • Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts: Best Creative Golf Putter Challenge, 2013


  • Woodturning – five page feature article, December 2018

  • Woodworker West – featured Award Winner “Root Impression”, Sept-Oct 2018

  • Woodturning – feature photograph representing AAW Symposium, August 2018   

  • Dia-Log – American Association of Woodturners Annual Member Exhibition, June 2018

  • American Woodturner - Cover and Inside Spread, December 2017

  • Woodturning – feature artwork from AAW Symposium, September 2017

  • Merging – American Association of Woodturners Annual Member Exhibition, June 2015

  • Woodworker West – select artwork from Bellevue Exhibition, Jan-Feb 2015