Jack richard

Jack began working with wood as a youngster, building three wooden soap box derby racers and learning basic wood-turning in middle-school shop class. He continued to do hobby woodworking as an adult after becoming a general dentist and practising in California until making his escape to the Vancouver, Washington, area in 2000. His interest in woodturning resumed when he began helping as an aide in his son’s middle school shop class and he has been expanding his lathe skills ever since.

Jack’s favorite type of turning involves using recently cut green wood from local arborists. Finding the hidden beauty in the wood as he roughs his pieces out, then watching as he allows them to season slowly for months before final turning and finishing is deeply satisfying. Local woods - Dogwood, Yew, Walnut, and Myrtle - are his preferred material for bowls. Favorite forms include natural-edges, which can result in floral shapes that only nature can create.

While on yearly trips visiting the Big Island of Hawaii, Jack has met and become inspired by the local turners and wood suppliers there, often bringing large, green-wood sections back as luggage. Access to these tropical woods have inspired Jack to adventure into many new ways of bringing out unique forms and finishes in his work.

Jack belongs to the American Association of Woodturners and the Pacific Northwest Woodturning Guild. You may contact him through the Guild’s Website.