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Our Mission

  • Fine Woodturning

Our Actions

  • Continuously raise the level of our skills as woodturning artists and craftsmen through rigorous study, critique and practice;

  • Cultivate marketing resources and venues for the sale of high-quality artwork;

  • Present woodturning art in galleries, art shows and craft fairs;

  • Promote woodturning as art within the arts community at large;

  • Serve the arts community at large through service to other organizations;

  • Provide opportunities for the general public to learn about the art and craft of woodturning;

  • Utilize an objective and consistent certification process that identifies members whose turnings meet high standards of workmanship and aesthetics;

  • Maintain an active online presence.


  • A group of energetic, focused artists who actively participate in Guild tasks and events in support of our mission and fellow members;

  • Based in Portland, Oregon, with most members from the Pacific Northwest;

  • An Oregon Corporation chartered as a mutual benefit, non-profit, educational entity;

  • Organized under conventional by-laws with a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer (link titles to that page);

  • Comprised of three levels of membership: Regular, Certified and Associate;

  • A Star Chapter Affiliate of the American Association of Woodturners.

Our Resources

  • A diverse, highly skilled, creative, talented, and energetic membership;

  • Equipment that allows us to display our work in a professional manner;

  • Fully accessorized midi lathe for demonstration use;

  • Collaboration and support from the greater Pacific Northwest arts community;

  • Support from local, national and international woodturning communities;

  • Well-managed finances supported by dues, sales and self-sustaining activities.

The Pacific Northwest Woodturning Guild promotes the art and craft of woodturning to gallery owners and the general public. The Guild’s goal is to educate and inform buyers about woodturning and how to recognize quality work. Externally, the Guild presents its woodturning members as a source of high-quality turned wood art and craft. Internally, it provides resources to its members on all aspects of marketing their work.

Based in Portland, Oregon, PNWG recruits members from throughout the Pacific Northwest. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in creating and/or selling woodturnings, including gallery owners, tool makers, and others. A majority of our members currently are, or plan to become, professional woodturners who earn all or a portion of their income from selling their creative output.

The Guild offers three membership levels. Non-woodturners are designated as Associate Members. Woodturners who have successfully completed a quality assurance peer review and who are active members of the American Association of Woodturners, are designated Certified Members. All other woodturners are Members.

To assure gallery owners and customers of quality woodturnings, the Guild’s certification provides confirmation that a member’s turnings consistently meet a high objective standard of workmanship. With an acceptable review, members are entitled to use the designation Certified Member, Pacific Northwest Woodturning Guild on their personal marketing materials.

Look for work by PNWG members at art galleries and art-and-craft festivals around the Pacific Northwest, and on members’ personal websites.